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Columbia is blessed to be home to several top notch swim schools.  Although every owner of a swim school personally feels that their's is the best or teaches in the best way, I can safely say that regardless of which swim school in Columbia you choose, you will get very good instruction.  We all have our different philosophies, but we all share one BIG thing in common, we want children and persons of all ages to feel comfortable and safe in the water.  I think that I can speak for every instructor in Columbia, and the nation for that matter in saying that it breaks our heart when we see a headline with the word "drown" in it. 

We at Waves Swim School believe that we have great instructors that offer a service that others cannot.  We also believe that each swim school is filled with great instructors that offer their own, equally important services as well. 

The bottom line is:  it doesn't matter who you choose for your children or yourself, but choose one of us.  Swimming and water safety is the most important thing that you or your child can learn. 

I don't teach for money, I teach for passion.  If you want to sign your kids up for swimming lessons but have experienced some financial hardship during this tough economic climate, please personally email me. 
I will find time to teach you or pay one of my instructors to teach you. 

Here are some links to other swim schools in Columbia.

The Swim Lessons Company    Jim Reiser is a nationally known swim instructor in Columbia and leads a top-notch swim school.  They teach group lessons, semi-private lessons, and will teach private lessons in several facilities in Columbia. 

YMCA:  The Columbia Area YMCA's offer swimming lessons to all ages in the Columbia area.  Sign up early.  Their lessons fill up fast.

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