How do I arrange swim lessons for myself or my child?
Just fill out our simple form on the contact page and one of our instructors or scheduler will call you within 24 hours of your email.

What if I have multiple children, do I get a discount?
We can always work out discounts to those who cannot afford instruction or have multiple children in one family. 

I have my own pool, can I have other friends come to the pool so that more children can be taught while the instructor is there?
Definitely, in fact, for every family that you bring to the pool and they take at least five lessons, we will give you one free lesson.  When traveling to pools, we like to have a minimum of two lessons at each pool, if at all possible. 

Can I sit beside my children when they are in their lesson?
While we teach swimming, our policy is that parents and/or guardians are either on the other side of the pool, or far enough away as to not distract the instructor or the student.  If at anytime the instructor needs assistance, they will safely move the student and call the parent or guardian

What about the weather?
Unfortunately, our technology is not advanced enough to control the weather.  If a possible weather situation exists, our instructors will call on the way to the lesson to make sure that the pool is safe and storms are not immediately threatening. 

Do I get my money back if a storm cancels the lesson?
In most cases,  the lesson can get rescheduled and the credit will be applied for the lesson on the rescheduled time.  If a lesson can not get rescheduled within two weeks, a refund can be issued. 

What happens if I am late to a lesson?
If a student is more than 10 minutes late to a lesson, the lesson is forefeited and the lesson must be paid for, unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor.  If an instructor is more than 10 minutes late for a lesson, without calling with an unforseen circumstance, another scheduled lesson will be free of charge. 

How do I pay for lessons, and when? 
The payment of the first three lessons is due at the completion of the first lesson.  Each subsequent lessons are due at the end of each lesson.  Wave Swim School takes cash, checks, and will take credit cards via the website.  If a credit card is used for payment, please print a copy of the receipt to give the instructor at the time of the lessons.  All checks need to be written to the instructor at the completion of the lesson. 

What if I do not like the instructor, or my child is not learning from them?
We train all instructors to be able to teach all likes of swimmers, but realize that sometimes a different instructor may be the best option.  If another instructor is used, any balance of the lessons will be applied to the new instructor's lessons.

What does my child need to bring to lessons?
A child only needs to bring him/herself and a towel. Some children prefer goggles.  Although goggles are not needed and discouraged, instructors will teach children with goggles.  (Understand that any time needed to adjust and fit goggles takes away from instruction time.)

If you have any other questions, please fill out the simple form on the contact page and we will be glad to answer them. 
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